Orange City, Iowa, to host the start of RAGBRAI® XLV

Saturday July 22nd 2017 - Sunday July 23rd 2017
125 N Central Ave Orange City
Orange City at (712)-707-4510

Orange City, Iowa, will be your overnight host town to start RAGBRAI XLV! This is our first opportunity to welcome you and showcase our beautiful community in northwest Iowa. Our volunteers are working diligently to make your Orange City RAGBRAI experience memorable. Join us July 22 for a great day of food, fun, and entertainment as we give the riders and their teams a sendoff on July 23! We are excited to be the starting host community for RAGBRAI XLV July 23-29, 2017!


For general RAGBRAI XLV information, please visit: 

For information specific to your 2017 starting overnight town, Orange City, please call us at (712)-707-4510.



The volunteer coordinators of the Orange City RAGBRAI event need your help!!! The mission of the RAGBRAI committee states: “Together as a community, Orange City will provide a fulfilling experience to all 2017 RAGBRAI participants. We will have a safe and inviting environment that entertains our guests. We will showcase our small-town charm and thriving businesses, all while community members welcome, engage, and serve our guests.”


To do that, we need to have all hands on deck! Approximately 200 folks have already registered to help, and the committee says “thank you!” for that. But many hands will make light work, and we could sure use your talents. Over 800 people are needed! Read more about the specific volunteer opportunity descriptions!  Sign up to volunteer.

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