Enrollment Management Specialist

Northwest Iowa Community College

Facilitating student admissions and assisting students with their academic pursuits.

Desired Qualifications:

1. Excellent oral and written communication skills, organizational skills, and marketing skills

2. Ability to work in a team environment.

3. High degree of confidentiality and commitment to the college. 

Application Instructions:

If submitting by mail, allow sufficient time so that it is received by the closing date. Application screening and interviewing will not be done until after the closing date unless noted otherwise. A Northwest Iowa Community College application form must be completed and submitted by the specified time. A resume may be included, but will not take the place of a fully completed application form. Do not state "See Resume" in place of completing the respective information requested on the application form. Please remember to sign your application. When indicated, copies of all academic transcripts must be included.


1. Conduct campus visits with prospective students.

2. Assist with special event days (visit days, orientation, open house, etc.)

3. Visit prospective high school students, guidance counselors, and teachers which will require overnight

Location: Sheldon, IA

Education: Required – Associate of Arts or Associate of Applied Science Degree Proficient in basic computer skills. Preferred - Bachelor of Arts/Science Degree Bilingual in the English and Spanish languages. Experience in student affairs/student services or communi

Wage: $33,000 to $35,000


Close: Sunday October 1st 2017

Date Posted: Thursday November 23rd 2017

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